Toronto Real Estate Breeds Fear

At our last Real Estate Investor Free Info Night we met several people who were fed up with their stocks and mutual funds.  The lack of control they had over their investments, and of course, the mediocre returns (on investment) were the top 2 reasons people told us.

I found it ironic that Barron’s recently posted an article about fears of investing in the stock market. They referred to a woman with over 1 million dollars in stocks, who sold it ALL, and is now looking for a better investment like Real Estate, because she is sick of the volatility in the stock markets.

Sure the article has a headline “Be more like Buffett: Buy Fear.” Warren Buffett [the famous stock investor] says that we should be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy.

Buying Toronto Real Estate isn’t much different than buying stocks, if you consider that stocks appear to be better as long-term investments at the moment, just like real estate.

And people who dream about buying investment real estate to build their net worth, their assets for retirement, or their means of cash flow,  typically come to our Real Estate Investor Free Info Night to learn everything they need to know about SAFE & PROFITABLE investing in Toronto Real Estate.  Yet, when it comes time for them to begin … it is FEAR that stops many from proceeding (not the excuses they come up with)!

Quite frankly, the last few years have been a great time to buy Toronto Real Estate, and those who have found the courage have been rewarded generously.  Just like a stock that pays great dividends, real estate pays great dividends … even if you don’t factor in the inevitable appreciation we see in our market [on the asset itself]. 

Furthermore, if you want to buy $100,000 of stocks, you need $100,000 in cash.
If you want to buy $100,000 of Toronto Real Estate, you need $20,000 in cash.
Now that’s “Leverage”.
Furthermore, we can show you where to find the $20,000 in cash – if you don’t have it lying in a bank account!
Now that’s “Major Leverage”

Toronto Real Estate Investment properties are cash-flowing [making money] better than ever – thanks to low interest rates. 

When people seek to learn about real estate investing in Toronto, they always ask us all kinds of questions, in hopes of becoming knowledgeable, learning the tricks of the trade, and avoiding risk.  But it is the unknown [fear of the unknown] that often  scares people from taking that first step.

Here is the plain and simple truth:
A) When you try to be a renegade and do things all by yourself, you will certainly encounter ‘unknowns’.  You will likely deal with most of them, and have difficulty with other issues.  BUT … one of the things we teach people at our Toronto Real Estate Investor Free Info Nights is who to have on your Power Team and how to use them to your advantage.  And when you work with people who have extensive experience and success in real estate investing, there really aren’t any ‘unknowns‘ that can’t be handled!

B) If you remove the ‘fear-of-the-unknown’ because you’ve removed the actual ‘unknowns’ … then the only thing stopping you is excuses.  And the common excuses are:
– I don’t have enough knowledge
– I don’t have any cash to start
– I don’t have any time

And if you had to enroll in a 2 year university course to succeed, have at least $100,000 in the bank to start, and quit your job to spend enough time managing your real estate investing efforts … your excuses would be valid.

But here is the million dollar question:
If people who have already achieved tremendous success at investing in real estate right here in Toronto, could show you how to do it without any special training, without having a bunch of cash lying around in the bank, and without quitting your job or spending huge amounts of time dealing with issues you probably don’t want to deal with … wouldn’t you at least want to know about it?
Especially … if it only took 2 hours of your time and could make you very wealthy?

Whenever we meet with people who we first met last year, and they began investing in Toronto Real Estate, and have had a wonderful experience doing it, they always say the same things to us:
1) “It was something we always meant to do and the only thing that stopped us was fear. We just stopped letting fear control us.”

2) “When we see how easy it is and how much return on investment we are now making, we only wish we had done it sooner!”

If you want to know more about the possibilities for you to build your wealth, and eliminate your fear of beginning … join us for one of our free Toronto Real Estate Investing Info nights

Or … call us directly: (416) 414-0554



Offering years of experience and success, along with unparalleled client satisfaction, the Michael Shuster & Roy Cado Real Estate POWER TEAM continues to “WOW” clients with superior knowledge of Real Estate Pricing & Marketing Strategies in the Greater Toronto areas.
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