Staging Your House For Sale

The world’s a stage.  And showing your home like a masterpiece might as well be like putting your home on stage for a performance.

In her book, “How to List Residential Real Estate Successfully,” Barb Schwarz says when Staging the outside of a home, take sellers across the street and ask them to tell you what they see.  Then ask what they think they need to do with the property to get it ready for sale. Walk around the outside of the house. Bring up things you see that they miss. Together make a list as you talk about the actual things that need to be done.

Staging The Outside Of A Home
·         Move all garbage cans, discarded wood scraps, and extra building materials
·         Check the gutters and the roof
·         Check for termites or other insect problems
·         Look at the bushes and trees (we can’t sell it if we can’t see it)
·         Weed and bark all planting areas, and groom and fertilize the lawn
·         Clear patios or decks of all small items
·         Check the paint condition of the house—especially the front door and trim
·         Complete any unfinished projects
·         Go completely around the whole property

I hope these ideas are useful.


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